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"Alive & Well"
the latest album

Alive and Well Sunset copy 2.JPG

This musical journey is a testament

to the collaborative spirit of friends –

To our brilliant buddies who never stop showing up; To the exceptional men in the band with whom I’ve created lasting memories on countless stages; To every venue that’s given our roadshow a chance; To our family near and far; To the cowriters with whom I’ve had the honor of crafting lyrics and riffs; To the talented session musicians, recording engineers and producers; To my beloved mother who I want to make proud; To my stunning and supportive partner in life. THANK YOU! 

Like always, I’ve created this music independently knowing full well I can’t make it in show business without you. It feels to me that we’re in this together. The new album is finally here. I did my best!

Tune in, turn up and tell a friend.


Bottle & Cork
JUL 24th - 8pm

The Valley Inn
JUL 25th - 7pm

Chris Diller - "Raised by Wolves"

Running til we ran out of daylight

Howling together in the moonlight

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