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Chris Diller - "Amen to That"

If you ever wonder wheres this gonna go If you ever doubt this wont be home

"Raised by Wolves"

Raised by Wolves Art copy.jpg

“Raised by Wolves” is an autobiographical tale of two big dogs and a young country boy as they run free in the woods. Real-life dogs Oscar and Clyde play the dual roles of bodyguard and instigator, swimming rivers and chasing fox.  


Banjo, harmonica, chicken-pickin’ guitars, and Chris Diller’s country storytelling strum up this rural Maryland narrative. Hit play for rustic country grunge. Press play again to feel the love between a youngster, his Rottweiler and an old, wise Labrador retriever.  


Bottle & Cork
JUN 1st - 8pm

Rusty Rudder
JUN 2nd - 5pm

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