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Chris Diller - "Sweet Angel (Skye's Song)"

A tribute to the legendary road dog. 

"Raised by Wolves"

Raised by Wolves Art copy.jpg

“Raised by Wolves” is an autobiographical tale of two big dogs and a young country boy as they run free in the woods. Real-life dogs Oscar and Clyde play the dual roles of bodyguard and instigator, swimming rivers and chasing fox.  


Banjo, harmonica, chicken-pickin’ guitars, and Chris Diller’s country storytelling strum up this rural Maryland narrative. Hit play for rustic country grunge. Press play again to feel the love between a youngster, his Rottweiler and an old, wise Labrador retriever.  


Butler Cabin
MAR 3rd - 6pm

Jimmy's Seafood
MAR 4th - 6pm

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